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How does it work

Master your nutrition in 10 simple steps with The Athlete's FoodCoach app. Download now and start today!

Example of FoodCoach app. Select your sport

1. Complete your profile

Based on your body composition and sport settings, we create your personal nutrition plan.

How to complete my profile?
Example of defining goals in FoodCoach app

2. Define your goal

Set your big event and get your ultimate focus to create a roadmap for success

How to define my goal and find my focus?
Example of connecting Strava, Garmin, Wahoo and JOIN in FoodCoach app

3. Connect your activity trackers

Sync with Strava, Garmin, and JOIN to update your nutrition plan with your activity data

How to connect my activity trackers?
Example of planning training in FoodCoach app witj JOIN cycling

4. Plan your training

Sync with JOIN or plan your training by hand. Your nutrition plan will be updated based on your new energy requirements.

How to plan my training?
Example of nutrition plan in FoodCoach app

5. Start planning your week

Plan your meals for the next days and discover our 1.500+ pro performance recipes to realize your daily energy needs

How to log my food?
Example of Food logging in FoodCoach app

6. Log your nutrition effortlessly

Easily log your todays meals with our 250.000+ quality-checked product database

How do I log food in the FoodCoach app?How can I save a meal in the FoodCoach app?
Example of nutrition plan in FoodCoach app

7. Match plan to your daily reality

Benefit from automatic meal plan recalculations and tune all your open meals to hit your daily energy needs

How to match my plan to my daily reality?
Example of challenges and medals in FoodCoach app

8. Start learning by doing

Use hands-on challenges to guide you through key nutrition topics relevant for your goal

FoodCoaches Monique van de Velde & Dirk Verbraak

9. Get pro support (optional)

Everyone hits roadblocks. Get access to our FoodCoach experts to get you back on track

Get pro support
Example of logging food during training in FoodCoach app

10. Realize your dream

Get a carb-loading plan and create your race day nutrition strategy. How do I log food during training?