Privacy Statement

In connection with your participation in The Athlete's FoodCoach (hereafter: "FoodCoach"), we will collect personal information of you (hereafter: "Information"). This Privacy Statement will explain which Information will be collected and for what purposes we will use the Information.

1. Who is FoodCoach?

Blanco FoodCoach B.V. (hereafter: Blanco FoodCoach) delivers personalized nutrition advice via an FoodCoach app and certified professional FoodCoaches. We work together with world class athletes and performance teams (e.g., Team Jumbo Visma, PSV Eindhoven). Blanco FoodCoach is responsible for the collection, storage and usage of your data.

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The contact details of the data protection officer: Robert Jan Koens -

2. Which Information is collected via FoodCoach and for which purposes?

Registration FoodCoach account
You need a FoodCoach account to participate in FoodCoach. If you don't have an account yet, we will ask you to first create a FoodCoach account.

When creating a FoodCoach account you will be asked to provide some Information. You're not obligated to share all Information. Providing a legit email address, password and name is mandatory. It's always possible to change your Information.

We use the Information provided, apart from the purposes as discussed in this Privacy Statement, to create your account and to deliver the features of our app. This use of your Information is necessary for the implementation of an agreement in which you are the party in connection to the usage of the services that Blanco FoodCoach is offering you.

By using the Google Single Sign-On feature in our application, you agree to the collection and use of limited data from your Google account. We collect and store your email address and verified email flag, name, public profile URL, photo, country, language, and timezone, to create and personalize your account. This data is securely stored and used solely for the purpose of enhancing your experience within our application. We do not share your Google data with third parties without your permission. You have the right to access, correct, delete, or restrict the processing of your data, and you can object to the processing at any time. We are committed to complying with Google's API Service User Data Policy and all relevant data protection laws.

The Information you added while creating a FoodCoach account and Information you will add later to your account or is added via other functionalities will be stored centrally in the FoodCoach database. This Information will also be used to make personal suggestions.

Usage of FoodCoach
If you have a FoodCoach account, you will be asked to share additional Information to make use of the My Plan functionality. This additional Information includes your gender, birthday, the sport you practice, your length, your weight, how many hours you practice your sport per week, how many hours per day you work, the type of training you do, the type of work you do, your activity level, your free time and your FTP (condition level). This Information is required so we can calculate your personal energy balance and / or your personal performance nutrition plan. Further, the FoodCoach app offers you the option to save your favourite recipes and log Information on your own favourite meals and ingredients. Processing this Information is necessary for the usage of FoodCoach. Furthermore, the FoodCoach app offers you the option to connect to one of our certified FoodCoaches. If you decide to connect to one of our FoodCoaches, you will be asked to approve that the FoodCoach assigned to you will also have access to all your Information. This access is required for your FoodCoach to further personalize and optimize your performance nutrition plan. Furthermore, at a later stage this connection will also make direct communication via the FoodCoach app possible with your assigned FoodCoach.

At a later stage you can add on a voluntary basis more Information about your household composition and your upcoming sport events and goals. Also, you can add Information in your profile on your eating preferences (e.g. gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, nut allergy, lactose intolerant and other allergies/intolerances). Furthermore, you will on a voluntary basis be able to decide to connect your FoodCoach app to your activity trackers and platforms.

This in the FoodCoach context gathered Information will be stored in the FoodCoach database.

Buying behaviour
FoodCoach will use your Information to calculate your daily performance nutrition plan that is adaptive to your training schedule. Subsequently, using the My Plan functionality you can choose a meal that matches your plan. The product which your meal consists of can be added to a shopping list. In the shopping list you have the opportunity, if a connected retailer is available in your country (e.g. Jumbo Supermarkets in the Netherlands), to order your groceries online via the connected retailers website. You can also bring this shopping list to your own store. Information on your online shopping behaviour can be used to optimize the future FoodCoach shopping lists.

Special personal Information
By participating in FoodCoach, Blanco FoodCoach will process directly of indirectly certain special personal Information of you. Examples of this are: health Information (length, weight, energy, FTP-value) and diet preferences as halal. You give Blanco FoodCoach permission to process this special personal Information. Blanco FoodCoach will not process this data for any other purpose than the usage of FoodCoach.

Personalised promotions
We gather Information on your usage of FoodCoach and online shopping behaviour to build a personal profile of you. We will only do this if you have authorized us when creating your personal account or later if you authorize us via your profile settings. Based on your personal profile we can present personal promotions in the FoodCoach app or via third party channels on which promotions of FoodCoach and/or third parties are visible (Facebook, YouTube, etc).

Contact FoodCoach
If you contact the customer service ( because you have questions or complaints regarding FoodCoach, we will store your contact details and your question or complaint. Blanco FoodCoach can ask you to share more information if we believe this is necessary to respond to your question or handle your complaint.

The Information gathered in this way, can amongst others be used to answer questions and handle complaints. Processing your Information is necessary for the representation of the justified interests of Blanco FoodCoach. Namely the interest to efficiently service you as a client and to optimize the customer service of Blanco FoodCoach. The provided Information will also be stored on the central database and will be used for the in this Privacy Statement mentioned purposes. These conditions will also apply if you come in contact with Blanco FoodCoach in another way (e.g. feedback in the FoodCoach app) or if you request for access for Information of you that Blanco FoodCoach stores or request Blanco FoodCoach to change or remove Information of you. Paragraph 6 gives more information on how these requests can be filed.

3. With whom shares Blanco FoodCoach your Information

Blanco FoodCoach will only share your Information with third parties when that is necessary for the implementation of FoodCoach and this is conducted in a careful way, namely companies that provide e-mail communication services for Blanco FoodCoach, companies that conduct analyses regarding your personal nutrition plan and push notification send from the FoodCoach app. With these third parties Blanco FoodCoach has a concluded a processing agreement. Moreover, Blanco FoodCoach can share your Information to third parties if this obliged based on the applicable privacy legislation. Blanco FoodCoach will for example share Information that is necessary to comply to legal obligations or a justified interest of Blanco FoodCoach.

4. Storage of Information

Blanco FoodCoach will not store Information longer than necessary to realize the purposes for which the Information is obtained. After you have unsubscribed from FoodCoach your Information will be deleted or anonymised within 6 months. If you do not use FoodCoach for 2 years, your Information will automatically be removed of anonymized. In other cases, the Information will be stored as long as you are registered, unless this is not allowed by law.

5. Protection of your Information

Blanco FoodCoach attaches great importance to the protection of your Information. Blanco FoodCoach applies appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your Information against loss or against any form of illegal processing.

6. What are your rights?

If you want to know which Information Blanco FoodCoach collects on you, you can request Blanco FoodCoach to send and overview of this Information. To be certain that the Information requested concerns really you, we ask you to also send us a copy of a valid proof of identity in which you make the BSN illegible.

If you, based on your overview, want to change, remove, shield or limit the processing by Blanco FoodCoach of your personal Information, you can send a new request to the above mentioned address. Also in certain situations you are entitled to object or to receive a transfer in a suitable way of your Information. If the processing of the personal Information is based on your approval, you are entitled to redraw your approval at any moment. The withdrawal of the approval has no influence on the legality of the processing based on approval prior to the moment that this is withdrew.

We will try to respond to each request as soon as possible and in any case within one month time. It may however be necessary to have more time to respond. If this is the case, we will inform you on this at the end of the first month. The extra time will not be more that two months. The request can be filed via

7. Changes in this Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement can be altered. In case of significant changes that can have a substantial impact for you, we strive to directly inform you on this. The last version of this Privacy Statement is dated October 6, 2023.

8. Questions?

In case you have questions regarding this Privacy Statement you can send an email message to