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When should I book a slot with a certified FoodCoach?

At The Athlete's FoodCoach, we embrace the power of learning by doing. While our DIY app supports your independent journey, we understand that everyone hits roadblocks. That's when our FoodCoaches step in to help you get back on track.

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Written by: The Athlete’s FoodCoach, on 19-12-2023
Wout van Aert and chef Ien Vitse at buffet

Why can support from a FoodCoach help me?

  1. Accelerate growth: Accelerate your growth with a FoodCoach who removes hurdels, implements new strategies, and enhances specific skills.
  2. Fresh Perspective: Some challenges need an outsider's view. A FoodCoach helps you see things differently and identify blind spots.
  3. Real Coach feedback: Experience the power of personal guidance, regular check-ins, and goal-setting sessions by connecting with a FoodCoach. Our dedicated coaches cultivate discipline, provide constructive feedback, and offer extra motivation to fuel your journey.
  4. Effective kickstart: Receive personalized nutrition coaching seamlessly integrated into your app settings. Kickstart your journey by allowing the FoodCoach to leverage your current eating habits, as recorded in the app, as a foundation for your conversations.

How can I get my coach support on point?

To expedite growth, gain a fresh perspective, or enjoy real coach interaction, we offer flexible 30 or 60-minute slots with our certified FoodCoaches. The number of sessions is entirely in your hands, allowing you to stay agile and seek support whenever you need it.

Wout van Aert and chef Ien Vitse at buffet

Meet our certified FoodCoaches

Our experienced FoodCoaches, equipped with years of expertise, utilize our innovative cockpit technology to accelerate your goal attainment compared to traditional coaching methods.

FoodCoach Dirk Verbraak

Dirk Verbraak

As a sports dietitian and FoodCoach at Team Visma | Lease a Bike, I've guided endurance athletes for years. Let me share my expertise with you, whether you're a recreational or competitive athlete, and unlock the power of nutrition.

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FoodCoach Monique van de Velde

Monique van de Velde

As a performance nutritionist, I provided nutritional coaching and -support within all teams of Team Visma | Lease a Bike. Now, I'm here to answer general nutritional questions or to assist you in connecting to the best-matching FoodCoach.

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