Talking about FoodCoach

Pro Athletes

Image of Nathan van Hooydonck

Nathan van Hooydonck

“The nice thing is: I can just keep eating what I normally eat. FoodCoach focuses on small adjustments in the basic diet.”

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Image of Wilco Kelderman

Wilco Kelderman

“Now that I take care of my nutrition to ensure optimal recovery of my body, I notice that I can enjoy cycling for multiple consecutive days. I think less quickly about my legs being tired or being tired in general.”

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Image of Tiesj Benoot

Tiesj Benoot

“Thanks to FoodCoach, I no longer have to worry about how much I should eat to recover optimally and maintain the same weight.”

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Image of Riejanne Markus

Riejanne Markus

“I know that with the app, I have a guideline to rely on, even during my rest periods when I'm at home a lot. It provides stability and certainty.”

Image of Karlijn Swinkels

Karlijn Swinkels

“Sometimes, after a hard training, I felt completely drained and thought I wasn't good enough. But, in simple terms, I wasn't using the right fuel. If you put gasoline in a diesel car, it won't work either.”

Image of Dylan van Baarle

Dylan van Baarle

“At Team Jumbo-Visma, we use the FoodCoach app, which helps me determine precisely what I need around each specific training ride.”

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Media spotlights

Image of Karin Lambrechtse

Karin Lambrechtse

Lead Performance Chef

“FoodCoach gives me the creativity to play with numbers and create delicious meals that perfectly fit into the plan. This way, the boys continue to enjoy every bite!”

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Image of Merijn Zeeman

Merijn Zeeman

Sportive Director

“FoodCoach is more than just an app. At Team Jumbo-Visma, FoodCoach it is a performance-changing program driven by dedicated people who work day and night for the optimal result.”

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Image of Robert Jan Koens

Robert Jan Koens

Director Foodcoach

“The vision and belief behind it is that the real difference in performance is made with daily nutrition.”

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Image of Monique van de Velde

Monique van de Velde

Performance Nutritionist

“We don’t eat numbers, we eat real food.”

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Image of VRT national news Belgium

VRT national news Belgium

“No stress of choice at breakfast for Wout van Aert”

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