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Blueberry and blackberry smoothie

Easy recovery smoothie after a training

5 min - 282 kcal - 4 ingredients

Blueberry and blackberry smoothie

Ingredients (per serving)

40 g       Frozen blackberries
230 g     Greek Style Natural Yoghurt
60 g       Frozen blueberries
1.8 tbs     Honey

Preparation steps

  1. Blend the Greek yoghurt and fruit in a blender into a smooth smoothie. Add a splash of water for the desired consistency.
  2. our the smoothie into a glass or a (shake) cup on the go.

Nutritional values (per serving)

Energy     282 kcal
Carbs     45 g
Protein     22 g
Fats       0 g
Fiber       3 g

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