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NEW: Food-Logging

Embrace meal flexibility and achieve your daily nutrition needs with Food-Logging – effortlessly customize your meals for success. Food-Logging is the first step towards the DIY FoodCoach app launch this winter.

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Written by: The Athlete’s FoodCoach, on 02-11-2023
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Why should I use food-logging?

  1. Flexibility: Food-logging allows you to have more control over your daily nutrition plan. You can save your actual food intake without automatic scaling, giving you more freedom.
  2. Personalization: ou can adjust your meals to match your personal preferences. Whether you want a smaller snack or to skip a meal, food-logging lets you make those choices and balance your calorie and macro intake accordingly.
  3. Customize recipes: With food-logging, you can modify FoodCoach recipes to better suit your needs. You can add, change or remove ingredients to make them fit your plan.
  4. Ownership: You can take charge of your nutrition plan. FoodCoach will still provide recommendations based on your activity, but you have the freedom to choose, adjust, or create your own meals.

How do I log my food in the app?

Logging your food can be challenging. Taking the following structured approach helps:

  1. Personalised plan: Start by completing your profile with your body metrics and add this weeks trainings.
  2. Tune your plan: Review and align your plan with your daily schedule and preferences. Feel free to skip a meal if 6 meals a day don't suit you, with a minimum of 5 meals as your target.
  3. Tune your meal: Log your consumed products or log one of the existing recipes. Tune the amount of the logged ingredients to better match the energy needs of your meal.
  4. Save your own recipes:For your frequently enjoyed routine meals, save your own recipes in the app. This makes logging those meals in the future much simpler.
  5. Missing products: If you can't find specific products in the app, don't get discouraged. Take a moment to add your top 20 favorite products to the app for quick and easy logging in the future.
  6. Favorite recipes: Explore FoodCoach's Pro recipes and mark your preferred ones as favorites. These recipes can serve as a solid foundation for your meal planning.
Example of The Athlete's FoodCoach app

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