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How do I log food in the FoodCoach app

You can log products, FoodCoach recipes and your own recipes in the 'My Plan' section for each meal moment. The 'Tuned recipes' tab offers recipes customized to your meal's energy needs.

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Written by: The Athlete’s FoodCoach, on 02-11-2023
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How can I add products and recipes?

Logging can be done via 3 different tabs:

  1. Products: Easily find your favorite products with our improved search, or add them manually if not found.
  2. Recipes: Explore our 1500 Pro recipes in their original form, portioned for the average athlete. Or add your own favorite recipes.
  3. Tuned recipes: Looking for a meal that matches your energy requirements? Check out the "Tuned Recipes" where all 1500 recipes are customized to match your meal's energy needs. Did you add your own recipe before? Also these are scaled towards you needs. This helps you make easy changes in your current routine, by simple eating a bit more or a bit less of your favourite meals.
  4. You can even mix and match products and recipes for a personalized approach!

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Monique van de Velde
““Filled all bars? Just click the 'back' button and your logged products or recipes are added to your day plan””

How can I skip a meal moment?

Imagine a 3-hour morning workout. You've had a hearty breakfast and won't be back until lunch. No time for a morning snack, and that's perfectly fine!

As a next step towards the launch of our DIY app we will introduce a mealplan automation feature making it really easily to skip a meal. For now, just leave the morning snack empty and add some extra energy to your breakfast and lunch to make up for it.

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How can I save my own meals?

Ready to save your favorite meals for hassle-free food logging? Follow these quick steps:

  1. Add products: Begin by adding the meal's products in the appropriate meal moment.
  2. Three Dots: Look for the three dots in the upper right corner and choose "Save Meal."
  3. Meal details: Give your meal a name to easily locate it in the future.
Example of The Athlete's FoodCoach app

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