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Primoz Roglic: FoodCoach fan from day one

After eight extremely successful years with Team Jumbo-Visma, Primoz Roglic has become an absolute world-class athlete in multi-day races. He embraced the FoodCoach program from day one to achieve the successes that now grace his palmares. 8 years of Roglic and FoodCoach in 8 photos.

Image of The Athlete’s FoodCoach
Written by: The Athlete’s FoodCoach, on 10-10-2023
Primoz roglic happy with the FoodCoach app

Personolized plates

In 2017, Team Jumbo-Visma introduced something new: personalized meal plans. A dietitian calculated the energy requirements for riders and translated them into customized meals. Initially, this service was only available to the team's top riders. During certain stage races, Roglic had the opportunity to enjoy a personalized meal, and he was immediately interested as he recognized its potential to enhance his performance as a cyclist.

Primoz roglic picking food at the buffet with sepp kuss

The buffet

He can pick his personal portion from the app at the buffet prepared by the chefs. Five meals a day, all tailored to Primoz's needs.

Primoz Roglic together with coach Karin Lambregtse

The coach

In addition to the app, the human aspect remains tremendously important. Therefore, Primoz maintains daily contact with the chefs and nutritionists. This allows for ongoing adjustments to the app's calculations and enables him to continue learning himself.

Primoz Roglic after a hard team time trial with teammate robert geesink

The first results

Primoz begins winning his time trials. He becomes extremely aerodynamic. This, combined with the perfect nutrition strategy, leads to him winning Olympic gold. Not all teammates enjoy doing team time trials with him (or did you Robert? 😉)

Primoz Roglic making a toast with a glass of champagne


Winning means drinking champagne with the entire team. When you have Primoz on the team, this means a lot of champagne throughout the year!

Primoz Roglic enjoying a alcoholic free Heineken beer

Heineken 0.0

But Primoz's all-time favorite drink after a race is alcohol-free Heineken 0.0 beer. The best part about it is that it's a perfect recovery option too. It helps with rehydration and refuels the body with some initial carbs.

Primoz Roglic taking a selfie with the FoodCoach kitchen truck

Kitchen truck

And before you realize it, you'll find yourself with your favorite recipe blown up life-sized on the kitchen truck! That's definitely selfie-worthy.

Crazy Dutchies

All Grand Tour victories are celebrated at the Team Jumbo-Visma headquarters. All staff members come together to raise a toast and celebrate the win. And, of course, some crazy Dutch treats are included, like tompouce.

Primoz Roglic cutting a tompouce in pieces

All the best Primoz

We're sorry to see you go, but we wish you all the best at your new team, Primoz. Cheers, Team FoodCoach.

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