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Can logging my food help me as an athlete to improve my eating pattern?

Yes, by logging your food you gain insights in your nutritional intakes. Embrace meal flexibility and achieve your daily nutrition needs with Food-Logging.

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Written by: The Athlete’s FoodCoach, on 02-11-2023
Atilla Valter, Robert Geesink and Jonas Vingegaard are logging their food at a buffet

Why can food-logging help me?

  1. Gain insights: By logging your food you gain insights in your actual kcal and (macro)nutrients intake.
  2. Learning: By comparing your intakes to your needs, learn where you can improve meal moments and nutrient intake.
  3. Maintain energy balance: Food-logging allows you to tailor meals to your preferences and balance your energy intake. If a snack feels too large, log a smaller one and redistribute missed calories to other meals for better balance.

How can I make food-logging a succes?

Each meal provides energy bars showing your calorie needs and macronutrient ranges, but treat them as guidelines. Occasional deviations are okay. And always remember, every meal is a chance to enhance your performance!

Looking for an explanation on how you can log food in the FoodCoach app? Check our blog.

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