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What do I eat after after my running training?

Focus primarily on carbs and proteins in your post-running meal. Tailor your carb and protein intake to your individual needs for the best results.

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Written by: The Athlete’s FoodCoach, on 12-02-2024
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Why do I need to eat after my training?

  1. Replenish energy stores: Dependent on the duration and intensity of your training, your glycogen stores will be emptied. Replenishing glycogen stores is key to support recovery and next workouts, for which you'll need carb supply.
  2. Support muscle repair: Running training can cause microscopic muscle damage, which is a common and expected response to exercise. Proteins supply the necessary amino acids to repair and rebuild these muscles and supporting them to be stronger than before.
  3. Support endurance adaptation: Proteins are involved in various physiological processes, beyond muscle growth. Eating protein after running training is necessary to support the synthesis of new proteins required for various training adaptations, such as improved endurance and overall training progression.
  4. Reduce post-exercise fatigue and soreness: Carbs and proteins work together to enhance recovery. By eating a well-balanced meal after your training, you will more likely get in carbs and protein together. This combination may help reduce post-exercise fatigue and soreness, so you're ready for your next ride.

How do I get my post-running meal on point?

It's crucial to tailor your post-workout meal to your individual needs, activity level, and preferences for the best results. A balanced meal with a combination of carbs and proteins can help replenish energy stores, promote muscle repair, support endurance adaptation and reduce fatigue. The FoodCoach App will guide you daily to bring focus and translate personal carb and protein needs into real food and meals.

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