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What nutrition products should I pick from the fueling points during my event?

It's crucial to check in advance where the fueling points from the event are located and what sports nutrition and drinks they offer at each station. Assess beforehand which sports nutrition products you can tolerate and consume without issues. Based on this assessment, decide how much nutrition and drink you will carry with you and what you will need to pick up at the fueling points to ensure a complete and effective strategy.

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Written by: The Athlete’s FoodCoach, on 28-05-2024
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Why should I check the fueling points of my event in advance?

  1. Understanding nutritional offerings: Knowing what will be available helps you plan your personal nutrition strategy. Some events might offer a variety of options, while others might be limited.
  2. Personal preferences and needs: Ensure the fueling points offer products that you are used to and can tolerate well. This is crucial to avoid gastrointestinal issues during the ride.
  3. Strategic planning: Helps in deciding what to carry versus what to pick up. You can plan to carry essentials that might not be available at the fueling points.
  4. Timing and location: Knowing the locations and timing of fueling points helps you pace your nutrition intake. For example, if you know there's a long climb ahead, you might want to take extra fuel before starting.

How do I incorporate sports nutrition from fueling points into my overall strategy?

  1. Check practical information: Visit the event website or check your email for the latest information regarding the event.
  2. Locate and assess fueling points:
    - Identify the location of fueling points by kilometer markers.
    - Evaluate their accessibility and potential crowding to plan your stops efficiently and avoid unpleasant surprises like missing your fueling point
  3. Review nutrition offerings:
    - Check what nutrition products are available and ensure you are familiar with them.
    - Confirm if there are suitable options for any dietary restrictions, allergies, or preferences, or if you can better bring all your products your own
  4. Estimate timing and decide on fueling points to use: Roughly calculate when you will reach each fueling point based on your planned pace, to decide which fueling points you need and want to make use of and which you will skip
  5. Select products: Decide which products you will take from the selected fueling points and which you will avoid
  6. Incorporate into your strategy: Integrate this information and your decisions, into your overall nutrition and timing strategy.
  7. Prepare for contingencies: Make sure to carry extra nutrition in case you miss a fueling point or need more than anticipated.

It's crucial to tailor your carb intake during exercise to your individual needs en tolerance for the best results. Use The FoodCoach App to structure your race nutrition strategy in advance, to optimize it and avoid unpleasant surprises. During the race, pay attention to how your body responds to your nutrition intake and adjust as needed based on your energy levels and comfort. This allows you to focus on enjoying the race while performing your best!

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