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What do I eat before my running training?

If you aim to make the most out of your training session, focus on eating carbs before your training. It's crucial to tailor your carb intake to your individual needs for the best results.

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Written by: The Athlete’s FoodCoach, on 12-02-2024
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Why should I prioritize carbs?

  1. Fast energy source: Carbs are the body's predominant and most efficient source of energy, especially for moderate- to high intensity activities like running.
  2. Maintain stable blood sugar levels: Carbs are rapidly converted into glucose, which is transported in the blood known as blood glucose or blood sugar. Glucose can also be stored in the body as glycogen, in the liver and muscles. Eating carbs before your workout increases glucose in the blood and can may increase glycogen content. This can help prevent a rapid drop in blood glucose levels, reducing the risk of symptoms such as dizziness, lightheadedness, and a drop in performance during training.
  3. Delay fatigue: Adequate glycogen stores in the liver and muscles are crucial for delaying the onset of fatigue. Eating carbs before your workout can optimize these glycogen levels and therefore maintain optimal performance.
  4. Mental Focus: Glucose is the primary fuel for the brain. Consuming carbs before your training supports mental clarity and focus during your ride.

How do I get my carb intake before running on point?

It's crucial to tailor your carb intake to your individual needs, activity level, and preferences for the best results. Do you want to discover how much carbs you need to eat before your training? The FoodCoach App will guide you to bring focus and translate your carb recommendations into real food and meals.

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