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Should I take supplements during the taper phase?

No, prioritize nutrition and hydration strategies adopted to the taper phase to maximize the taper-associated benefits. Only consider taking supplements after critical reviewing your needs and level of experience.

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Written by: The Athlete’s FoodCoach, on 17-01-2024
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Why should I be careful with my supplement intake during the taper phase?

Some individuals may be more sensitive to high-fiber foods, experiencing discomfort or gastrointestinal distress during intense physical activity. Adjusting fiber intake helps mitigate these issues by:

  1. Avoid unnecessary changes: Making significant changes to your supplement routine during the taper phase may lead to unexpected reactions, potentially hinder the taper-associated benefits.
  2. Gastrointestinal sensitivity: Avoid experimenting with new supplements or dosage adjustments during the taper phase to prevent gastrointestinal discomfort and ensure your well-being for the upcoming race.
  3. Individual responses: Individual responses to supplements differ, and it's not recommended to introduce new ones during the taper week without proper prior testing.
  4. Minimize risks of overdose: Misusing supplements, particularly alongside a well-balanced diet, raises the risk of unintentional overdose. This can compromise your well-being leading up to race day and adversely impact performance.

How do I get my supplement intake in the taper phase on point?

Critical review your needs and experience with using supplements before start taking them.

  1. Avoid introducing new supplements: Do not change your supplement routine in the days leading to race-day.
  2. Review current supplements: Assess your current supplement regimen and identify what has been working well for you during your training.
  3. Maintain consistency: When you are sure you need certain supplements, avoid making significant changes to your routine during the taper phase. Consistency helps maintain the equilibrium your body is accustomed to.
  4. Stay informed: Be aware of any contraindications or adverse effects associated with your chosen supplements. Always stay informed about the potential interactions between supplements and medications, if applicable.

Always consult a sports dietitian or health professional for personalized guidance on supplement selection based on your individual requirements and performance goals. Use the FoodCoach App to receive daily customized energy and nutrient recommendations during your taper phase to adopt a food-first approach.

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