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Is the taper phase a right time to fine-tune my cycling race day nutrition strategy?

Yes, the taper phase is a great time to fine-tune your race day nutrition strategy. Use this period to finalize your approach, ensuring you're well-prepared and minimizing stress before the race.

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Written by: The Athlete’s FoodCoach, on 17-01-2024
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Why is the taper phase the right time to fine-tune my race nutrition strategy?

  1. Avoiding last-minute changes: Making significant changes to your nutrition strategy just before a race can be risky. Use the taper phase to solidify your plan and prevent potential negative impacts on performance.
  2. Mental focus: Planning race nutrition during the taper lets you focus on this crucial performance aspect. Develop a clear plan to enter the race with confidence in your nutrition strategy.
  3. Confidence on race fueling: Experiment with final race fuel and timing in the taper phase. Ensure timely product acquisition for total confidence in your final race fuel strategy.
  4. Peace of mind: Tapering aims to reduce stress on both the body and mind. By having your race nutrition strategy well-planned and practiced, you reduce the stress associated with uncertainty about fueling on race day.

How do I get my race nutrition strategy on point?

Use the FoodCoach App to structure meals on the carb loading days and race day. Focus on:

  1. Decide on final meal timings: Practice the timing of your pre-race meals and snacks to find what works best for you in terms of digestion and sustained energy.
  2. Consider final fueling experiments: Refrain from making major changes, but if you feel the need to do something new, experiment well in advance during your training rides to assess its impact on your performance.
  3. Weather forecast: Account for weather conditions in your nutrition plan. Hot or cold temperatures can impact your hydration and fueling needs.
  4. Prepare race nutrition products: Ensure you have all your race nutrition products well in advance. Double-check that your gels, bars, hydration solutions, and any other supplements are stocked and ready.
  5. Review your plan: Confirm your overall race nutrition plan, including pre-race meals, during-race fueling, and post-race recovery.
  6. Start carb loading days: Start carb loading two days in advance. Read blog and use the FoodCoach app to structure your carb loading days.
  7. Pack your race nutrition: Organize and pack your race nutrition the night before the race. Check that you have everything you need, and use a checklist if necessary.
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Popular meals during the taper phase

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