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Can nutrition boost the performance benefits associated with the taper phase?

Yes, both nutrition and hydration strategies need to be adopted during the taper phase to maximize the taper-associated benefits. Prioritize balanced nutrition and hydration to enhance recovery, maintain health, boost energy levels, fueling peak performance on race day.

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Written by: The Athlete’s FoodCoach, on 17-01-2024
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Why is nutrition in my tapering phase important?

Proper nutrition during the taper phase ensures that you arrive at the event in a well-rested and prepared state by:

  1. Replenish and optimize energy levels: Training volume typically decreases during taper phase. Adequate carb intake during this phase is essential to restore and optimize levels, ensuring optimal energy levels for the upcoming event.
  2. Supporting recovery: Reduced training volume in combination with proper nutrition, favors the body and muscles to recover from hard training weeks and get ready for race day.
  3. Maintaining energy balance Reductions in the training load during the taper lowers daily energy expenditure. Paying special attention to energy intake during the taper, helps to avoid energy imbalance and undesirable changes in body composition.
  4. Maintaining hydration: Maintaining adequate hydration during the taper and especially during the 48 h preceding competition is key to ensure that work capacity is not diminished at the beginning of the race.
  5. Support overall health and well-being: Maintaining energy availability by balanced and varied nutrition during taper phase, is important to support metabolic functions and overall well-being, ensuring you to be ready for your big event.

How do I get my nutrition during my taper phase on point?

Use the FoodCoach App to receive daily customized energy and nutrient recommendations during your taper phase and log your meals to match your plan to your daily reality. Focus on:

  1. Energy balance and recovery: Plan, tune and log your daily meals in the app during taper phase to ensure energy balance, optimal nutrient intake to support recovery and glycogen replenishment.
  2. Finalize race day nutrition: Have you trained your gut and tested different nutrition products during your training? Time to decide your final strategy for race day and plan meals in the app and get all products.
  3. Plan carb loading days: Read our carb load blog and plan the two days before your event a carb load event. Use the FoodCoach app to structure your meals on carb loading days before your event.
  4. Consider fiber intake: Read our blog when fiber stresses your GI tract and consider lowering fiber intake the last two days before your race.
  5. Hydration level: Check urine color frequently as it is an inexpensive and reliable indicator of hydration status. Make sure to maintain hydration levels in the days leading to your event by drinking sufficient water or drinks with little extra carbohydrates.
  6. Prepare your pre-race nutrition: When the final days are coming up, already prepare your race day nutrition meals like breakfast and pre-race snacks, to make sure you have all well in advance and avoid stress before the race.
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Popular meals and snacks during taper phase

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