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Can I train my gut as a cyclist to improve my performance?

Yes, the gut is a crucial organ for cyclists and can be trained similarly to how we train muscles.

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Written by: The Athlete’s FoodCoach, on 31-10-2023
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Why should I train my gut?

Practice is essential to realize ambitious carb intake recommendations without GI problems. Training the gut is especially relevant for athletes:

  1. Who start with carb intake on the bike up to 60g/h.
  2. Who compete in races of 2.5h or longer and find it challenging to get to a carb intake of 60-120 g/h.
  3. Who experience GI problems regularly (30-50% of all athletes) and want to reduce or avoid GI problems during exercise.

How do I get the training of my gut on point:

Discover your best gut training strategy with the FoodCoach app. Remember, training your gut is a fine balance. While science provides general carb intake guidelines for everyone, turning them into practical, personalized plans is an art tailored to your unique needs.

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Popular products and meals to train my gut

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