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What is the best weight loss diet for cyclists?

Any weight loss diet that ensures a negative energy balance while prioritizing health and performance over quick results, and additionally develops your skills in nutrition and behavior to manage your daily eating routine effectively, can be suited to lose weight safely.

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Written by: The Athlete’s FoodCoach, on 8-03-2024
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Why is it important to consider my weight loss diet?

All three are key prerequisites for smart weight loss:

  1. Negative energy balance: all science is clear on one thing, losing weight means making sure the number of calories you eat and drink (energy in) is lower than the number of calories you use, during exercise, daily activities and basal metabolism (energy out). For cyclists, maintaining a weekly negative energy balance is essential.
  2. Prioritize health and performance over quick results: Cyclists must prioritize their health and performance over quick weight loss results. Fueling daily training sessions and different phases of the training cycle, such as base training, pre-season, and race season, takes precedence. Quick fixes can jeopardize long-term health and hinder performance gains.
  3. Nutrition and behavioral skills: Developing nutrition and behavioral skills is vital for cyclists to align their eating routines with training schedules, performance and weight goals. Mastering these skills ensures optimal performance outcomes by understanding complex nutrition rules, making continuous alignment of daily eating routines feasible, and realizing the impact of daily nutrition on overall performance.

How can I get my weight loss diet on point?

To get your weight loss diet on point, follow these actionable steps structured to achieve smart weight loss:

  1. Step 1: Understand basics & set goals
    - Map out your eating pattern and energy balance
    - Set your weight goal and weekly loss target
  2. Step 2: Start losing weight
    - Hit your reduced daily energy target
    - Adjust favorite meals for smart weight loss
    - Keep fueling your rides effectively while losing font-weight
  3. Step 3: Be consistent
    - Evaluate progress and adjust weekly routines
    - Maintain consistency by logging and monitoring
  4. Step 4: Reflect & finish
    - Reflect on your weight loss journey

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