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How to get Summer Ready with Nutrition?

As summer season approaches, you may be eager to hit the roads and increase your training hours, you might have planned exciting races or want to work on body composition goals. Whatever your plans are, focusing on your nutrition will help you reach your goals.

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Written by: The Athlete’s FoodCoach, on 04-06-2024
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Here are three popular nutrition focus plans to get summer-ready

  1. Weight Loss
    Want to work on your body composition this summer to achieve your physical or performance goals? It's important to approach weight loss in a safe and sustainable manner. Focus on creating a moderate caloric deficit, choosing low-dense energy foods, and maintaining a balanced diet to reach your goal without sacrificing performance. Prioritize safe weight loss strategies to achieve your desired outcomes while keeping your energy levels high.
  2. Get Race Ready
    Planning to participate in a race or big event this summer? Awesome! To be fully prepared and ready to smash your race, it's essential to focus on your race-specific nutrition. This includes carb-loading before the race, maintaining proper hydration, and having a solid plan for in-race fueling. Prioritizing your nutrition strategy will help you reach your racing goals and perform at your best.
  3. Kickstart Performance Nutrition
    Feeling motivated by the sun and longer days to spend more hours on the bike? Fantastic! Ensuring you fuel your body properly is crucial to keep up with the increased activity, avoid injuries, and maintain enjoyment in your sessions. This is the perfect time to start focusing on your nutrition to sustain your performance. Emphasize the basics like hydration, balanced meals, and recovery snacks to kick off your performance nutrition journey!
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How do I get my focus on point?

  1. Pick a goal:
    We will guide you to craft your personal nutrition strategy to conquer your big goals this summer. Check out our bundles and discover which areas of nutrition you can improve on!
  2. Get the checklist:
    Download one of our checklists to see how ready you are to work on this summer goal
  3. Use FoodCoach app ’My Focus’ challenges:
    Choose a focus theme from the FoodCoach app that aligns with your needs and goals. Focus themes are ideal to gear up for your next event or achieve special nutritional goals like losing weight or getting race ready. Focus on the first FoodCoach challenge and systematically work your way down.
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Get pro support

Join Nathan van Hooydonck, performance nutritionist Monique van de Velde and performance chef Karin Lambregtse this summer in online session to get tips and tricks and get your nutritional questions answered

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