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How can I overcome challenges when changing my eating behavior?

Make small, rewarding changes in behavior and celebrate successes. Embrace motivation and setbacks, practice mindful eating, optimize your environment, counter bad habits with good ones, and seek social support.

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Written by: The Athlete’s FoodCoach, on 22-12-2023
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Why do I need coping strategies to overcome challenges when changing my eating behavior?

Building a new eating pattern takes time and effort. Without the right strategies changing behavior will be like pushing a heavy stone up a steep mountain. You will be successful for a short period of time, pushing with all your energy the stone up the mountain. But then you get distracted and the ball rolls back. Behavior change was not sustainable and you are back to your old eating routines

How can I bring my coping strategies when changing my eating behavior on point?

  1. Reward process of small steps, not just results: Define small, measurable behavior changes and celebrate the ongoing process.
  2. Embrace motivation and setbacks: Leverage life events for motivation, embrace setbacks, and be patient, viewing each meal as an opportunity for improvement.
  3. Optimize environment: Plan meals, establish family rules, and optimize your environment to benefit from automatic behavior.
  4. Counter bad habits: Replace unhealthy habits with good ones. Find alternative ways to cope with emotional hunger, such as taking a walk, practicing deep breathing, or engaging in a hobby.
  5. Seek social support: Actively engage partners, friends, and colleagues for support in your behavior change journey.

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