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How can I change my eating behavior as a runner to support my performance?

Change your eating behavior with self evaluation, short-, mid- and long-term goal setting and coping strategies to empower change.

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Written by: The Athlete’s FoodCoach, on 12-02-2024
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Why should I change my eating behavior as a runner to support my performance?

At The Athlete's FoodCoach, we believe that the real difference in performance is made in your daily nutrition. The daily nutrition of runners, making unconsciously over 200 daily food choices, is shaped by habits. Utilizing behavior change techniques is crucial for transforming your eating habits, ultimately shaping your overall eating pattern to fuel your performance. Integrate minor adjustments in your product and meal choices to sync with your training routine. Over time, these changes build new routines vital for reliable performance fueling.

How do I get my eating behavior on point?

Transform your eating habits by making minor adjustments in your product and meal choices, aligning them with your running routine. Follow a continuous process involving:

  1. Self-evaluation: Utilize the FoodCoach app to log your current eating routines, assessing their nutritional dimensions and identifying patterns. Athletes often overestimate their ability to align with performance nutrition guidelines. Self-evaluation challenges beliefs, revealing oversimplifications or contradictions to scientifically proven insights.
  2. Goal-setting: Commit to short-term (this week/month), mid-term (this season), and long-term (in 5 years) objectives.
  3. Coping strategies to empower change: Celebrate small successes, practice mindful eating, optimize your environment, embrace motivation and setbacks, replace bad habits with good ones, and seek social support.

Empower yourself with the FoodCoach app, a tool designed for you to Do-It-Yourself. Enhance your knowledge and confidence with scientifically proven insights from elite athletes and their experts. Most crucially, leverage our challenges to pinpoint small changes in your eating routines, propelling you towards achieving your performance dreams step by step.

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