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Do I need to evaluate my weight loss journey to reach my goal?

Yes, evaluating your weight loss journey is essential for reaching your goal. Regular evaluation provides insights, motivation, and accountability. Use a structured evaluation strategy for success.

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Written by: The Athlete’s FoodCoach, on 19-04-2024
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Why do I need to evaluate my weight loss journey to reach my goal?

How do I bring the evaluation of my weight loss journey on point?

Apply a structured evaluation strategy:

  1. Schedule regular evaluation sessions: Plan your evaluation sessions frequently, such as every 2 weeks or monthly, throughout your entire weight loss journey. Mark these sessions on your calendar to ensure you prioritize and commit to them.
  2. Assess your objective measurements: Look back in your objective measurements like weight, body composition (e.g., body fat percentage, waist circumference), and fitness metrics (e.g., VO2 max, FTP) to assess changes in your physical fitness and health. Relevant questions:
    - Are these measures moving in the desired direction?
    - Have I achieved the desired changes in weight, body composition, or fitness level?
  3. Review your food logs and exercise sessions: Look back at your food and exercise logs from the previous period in the FoodCoach app and analyze your eating habits and exercise routines. Try to identify any patterns or trends (e.g., certain food products that made you feel good or worse, types of exercises that went good or bad) in combination with your personal notes on how you felt during this period, day or moment. Relevant questions:
    - What has been working well for me in terms of diet and exercise?
    - Am I following my FoodCoach plan effectively? Are there areas where I could make improvements?
    - How has my hunger level and food cravings been? Any adjustments needed in my food choices?
    - Do my actions align with my weight loss goals set at front?
  4. Reflect on your well-being: Evaluate how your energy levels, mood, and overall satisfaction have been during your weight loss journey so far. Identify if certain emotions or feelings can be attributed to your weight loss program or if other factors in your life may have contributed to them. Relevant questions:
    - How has my energy level been throughout the weight loss journey so far?
    -How do I feel physically and emotionally compared to when I started?
    -Have there been times when my energy levels or mood were particularly high or low, and what contributed to these fluctuations?
  5. Set actionable goals for the next phase: Based on your evaluation, set specific sub-goals for the upcoming period. Define actionable steps you will take to address any challenges or areas needing improvement.
  6. Stay flexible and adapt: Be open to adjusting your approach based on the insights gained during the evaluation sessions. Don’t forget to celebrate successes, even small, and use setbacks as learning opportunities to refine your strategy. Consider seeking feedback from a certified FoodCoach when you face difficulties or are unsure in your approach. They can provide valuable insights and guidance based on your evaluation results.

Use The FoodCoach App to set or adjust your weight goal and receive adjusted daily energy needs to reach your weight loss target. For step-by-step support, select the 12 week smart weight loss plan or connect to a FoodCoach.

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